Private Lessons

Private lessons are by far the quickest way to get yourself going on skis or to really focus in on skills that you want to work on. It is about you and for you, run at your pace and pleasure.


A private lesson works equally well for someone who wishes to focus only on there own issues without distraction or for someone who is nervous and does not wish to hold up others.


You can also make a group lesson by sharing a private with your friends.


Group lessons

We don’t offer traditional group lessons however by taking a private instructor you can make your own group lesson. We feel this is a better approach as you still get the main advantage of a group lesson - price - but the lesson is still run around your needs.


If different levels exist then we simple split the lesson and share the time amongst the different levels in the group.



Coaching is about improving your skiing over the long term. It is perfect for people who come to Chamonix regularly and are keen to spend the time and effort to attain a higher level of skiing.


How does it work? An example would be to book yourself in for 10 x 3 hours lessons over the winter, on your 1st lesson we agree goals and do a video analysis session on your skiing highlighting areas for improvement, over the rest of the season we continue to have very concentrated sessions but leaving you with time to go and practice.


Contact us to discuss pricing and your goals.

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