Private and small group lessons are excellent ways to get your kids going on the mountain, either as beginners, intermediates or all mountain rippers.


The intensity of a private lesson can be a bit overpowering for younger children (4-5 years) so we tend to intersperse the lessons with plenty of stops so they have time to absorb and recover.


As children get older they are capable of taking on more information and have greater physical abilities so the lessons have more skiing time with learning being achieved via miles and games/exercises that are both challenging and fun.


As with our adult lessons you can make up your own group and we can work with the children as a group or split them up into smaller groups and share the time.  We are equally happy to take skiing ids of any level, the key is that children learning together need to be of a similar ability.


If you would like further information or prefer to discuss your children’s needs then please email or phone us.  Getting your children’s lesson right will make your holiday!

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