What level am I? Please read through the information below to find your skier level. If after reading it you feel you are unsure which level you fall into or have any questions then please email or phone.


Level 1  Never skied before.  


Level 2  I have skied on a plastic or indoor slope a few times or am a nervous 1-week skier; I am happy in my snowplough


Level 3  I can link snowplough turns on greens and easy blue runs and sometimes my skis are parallel at the end of the turn


Level 4  I am capable of skiing parallel on most blue runs but get it comes a bit unstuck on steeper, narrower or icy slopes


Level 5  I can ski on red runs with skis parallel most of the time. I like skiing reasonable fast but still struggle if it gets bumpy, steep or icy. I have tried off-piste but find it hard going


Level 6  I am confident on reds and most blacks but my technique gets a bit ropey on the harder blacks and off piste


Level 7  I am confident on most terrain but want to perfect my technique and broaden skills on more difficult terrain, steeps, bumps, performance carving. 

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